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All-Natural Dog Treats Crafted with Nutrition and Love

Are you tired of reading ingredients you can’t pronounce? Seeing artificial additives added to your pet’s treats? That’s why we created Basso Pets — to take out the bull in dog treats and replace it with a nutritional recipe. Our products are packed with all-natural ingredients to promote the health and wellness of your four-legged family members. Check out our online store to find your dog’s next favorite snack.

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Feed Your Dog the Way You’d Like to be Fed

Your dog deserves a tasty treat without you worrying about its ingredients. Our team of experienced nutritionists, developers, and chefs creates all-natural dog treats that your pet will love and benefit from. Learn more about Basso Pets, and our tail-wagging-good all-natural dog treats.

The Power of Turmeric for Dogs

If you’ve owned dogs for a while, you might have noticed inflammation is a common issue in a pet’s health. Studies have shown that turmeric curcumin is extremely beneficial to your dog’s health.

Our All-Natural Dog Treats

While turmeric isn’t a cure-all for these conditions, our turmeric dog treats can provide a little relief for your pets.

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