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Basso Pets Does it for the Love of Pets

Basso Pets Puts an Emphasis on Nutrition

Your dog’s health comes down to what you’re putting into their body. We only craft our dog treats with the best ingredients possible, such as nutrient vegetables and fruits, and essential vitamins that promote a long, healthy life for your pets. Pets are a big part of our family —don’t they deserve to be fed like it?

The Benefits of Ginger and Ashwagandha

Our commitment to your dog’s health is unmatched and it shows in the ingredients of our products. Ginger and ashwagandha for dogs have shown to be tremendously beneficial to the wellness of our pets. Studies have shown that ginger helps dogs who struggle with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. While ashwagandha helps relieve anxiety dogs feel during stressful situations, like thunderstorms, separation, and pain. That is why we incorporate these ingredients to promote a full, healthy life for your dogs

Try Basso Pets’ Super Health and Digestive Dog Chews

Basso Pet’s turmeric for dogs is combined with organic ginger and coconut oil to enhance absorption and provide superior digestive and joint pain support for dogs. By adding other human-grade ingredients like oat flour, apple sauce, coconut oil, and almond butter, we create delicious chews that your dog won’t be able to resist.

Our Super Health dog chews are grain-free and made with organic turmeric curcumin, ashwagandha, and ginger to support the overall wellness of dogs. These active ingredients help with your dog’s nervousness and hyperactivity and help maintain a normal inflammatory response.

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